Umami Powder


  • Plant-based umami powder seasoning made by Dark Horse Organic in Los Angeles
  • Savory flavor in the most clever of forms 
  • Ingredients: dried shiitake, smoked shiitake, dried onion, grilled leek, nutritional yeast, reishi, tamari, kombu, dried tomato, ginger, star anise, sea salt
  • 2.7 oz jar

Have the pleasant, mouth-filling sensory experience of savory flavor with the flick of a spoon. This versatile powder brings that missing element to everything it touches. Bring depth to roasted root vegetables, broccoli, grain salads and salad-salads. Add it to soups, sauces, broths. It seems destined for sprinkling over still-hot popcorn and won’t surprise us at all if it gets its very own shaker on your table.