Victuals: An Appalachian Journey with Recipes


  • Author Ronni Lundy calls this book an Appalachian journey with recipes.
  • Named the James Beard Foundation American Cooking Book of the Year in 2017
  •  80 recipes exploring the South and its traditions
  • 320 pages, hardcover

The correct way to pronounce the title of this book is “vidls,” another name for food, provisions, or that which serves, as gifted storyteller and food writer Ronni Lundy has it, as “the connections between earth and the table, and between the table and the people seated around it” in southern Appalachia, where her family set down roots generations ago.

Through recipes, essays and interviews with farmers, curers, hunters, and chefs, Victuals tells about the diverse and complex current-day food scene of the Mountain South and the defining food traditions of the region.