Wine Simple


  • A beautiful and informative illustrated wine guide by sommelier Aldo Sohm with Christine Muhlke 
  • Wine Simple guides you through the fundamentals of region, how to taste wine, and a helpful cheat sheet on knowing good vintage wines.
  • Hardcover, 272 pages

We LOVE this book. Written by a world-class sommelier, Aldo Sohm, but with the help of one of our favorite food writers and stylish women about town, Christine Muhlke, Wine Simple is a wine book for anyone who likes to drink wine. It’s approachable but substantial, with gorgeous graphics that draw you in. You’ll learn the difference between buzzwords like “natural” and “biodynamic” and “organic”. You’ll learn how to find lesser known, cheaper, and delicious counterparts to tried and true wines you know you like. And you’ll feel encouraged to have more friends over and taste more wines.