Yaki Yaki San


  • Crafted by Nagatani-en Iga-ware Pottery in Mie, Japan, since 1893
  • Grill pan emits little smoke—great for indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Hand-wash only
  • 13" diameter x 4.24" tall 
  • Can only be used over gas/propane flame or in any oven.
  • Don't have a gas stove? We recommend purchasing an Iwatani butane burner and using your Donabe right on your dining room table.

This smokeless grill works like a hearth—slowly building consistent heat that lasts but doesn’t make the grill too hot. Grill whatever you like, indoors, and even at your table if you have a portable butane stove. And, there’s even a solution to the age-old problem of fats and oils dripping through the grill onto the fire: the outer reservoir, when filled with water, acts as a drip pan.

To use, fill the outer reservoir with water to about 80%. Set the top grill in place. On a gas stove top, heat the grill for five minutes on high, then turn down to medium. Brush with oil to prevent ingredients from sticking. If you plan to use the yaki yaki-san for a longish cooking session, be ready to refill the water and wipe the grill with a wet paper towel before cooking more things.

We should also mention: Your donabe will age beautifully over time. As you use your donabe over and over, it develops character and that’s something to be welcomed. You may notice very thin cracks appearing on the surface (glaze) of the donabe. It’s called “kannyu” in Japanese and the cracks run like veins. They are the naturally developed cracks on the glaze and won’t affect the function of the donabe.