Tender Earth Candle with a butterfly. Poured by Joya in Brooklyn, New York, designed by East Fork in Asheville, NC

Tender Earth

Two candles in reusable stoneware vessels—this one with Petrichor, loam, anemone blossoms and tobacco flower. Like a walk through a mossy forest at dusk, after a heavy spring rain.

Odd Woods Candle Poured by Joya, designed by East Fork, with a moth, in Asheville, NC

Odd Woods

And this one with cypress, cedar leaf, palo santo. and tobacco flower. Smokey, sexy, and warm—like a dirt-floored workshop with the woodstove blazing. Burns bright for 65 hours.

Quality at East Fork

Quality at East Fork

East Fork sits at a unique and challenging intersection of small-scale artisan workshop and large scale industrial ceramic production. We are potters at our core.  At the onset, we made pots from minimally refined materials and fired those pots in a large, wood-burning kiln. So much has changed since then, of course, but our rubric for a pot’s goodness has stayed steady at its core—our work should be beautiful and functional. It should be made for daily, life-long use. 

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