Looking for pottery?

East Fork is a thoughtful maker of stoneware dishes in Asheville, North Carolina. Our team of 90 makes, sells and ships pots day in and day out. So where are the pots? Our factory was closed for 2 months due to COVID-19 and we're still playing catch up. Our next pre-order period starts at noon on Sunday, October 25th. You'll be able to snag pots in Eggshell, Morel, Amaro, and Panna Cotta on that day. And you can get your hands on ready-to-ship not-quite-right pots at 25% off right here.

Japanese Cookware & Pantry

A collection of things made in Japan for cooking, for flavoring, for serving, for embracing omotenashi: serving the people sitting down at your table with a full and open heart.


Donabe (doh-NAH-bay) is traditional Japanese earthen cookware so versatile that even now, centuries after its creation, almost every household in Japan has at least one of them. It’s also a hallmark of omotenashi, an approach to hospitality that is sincere, loving, authentic. Omote means “public face,” or how you want people to see you. Nashi is nothing. Combined, they mean serving from the bottom of the heart: honest, no hiding, no pretending.


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