Fund What's Essential

If you were planning on making a purchase with us today, please consider redirecting that money to organizations building space for Black joy, sovereignty, and safety. The YWCA of Asheville The Loveland Foundation, Black Visions Collective and bailout funds in your area are all good places to start. The Southeastern ceramic tradition was built in large part by the craftsmanship of Black slaves turning pots in shackles.  Reparations are owed.

East Fork make thoughtful, timeless, durable stoneware East Fork makes thoughtful, timeless, durable stoneware
Shop East Fork tabletop: Glass spike bowls filled with oranges
Stack of East Fork pottery
Pantry Essentials: Diaspora Co spices
Grater with citrus and East Fork bowl
East Fork Values: Equity and Adaptive Tenacity
East Fork Values: Compassion, Accountability, Sincerity
East Fork Mission Statement