Sake Set


  • Handmade Japanese glass set of two sake glasses in storage box
  • Different shape glasses lend to different tasting of sake, try different types or share with a friend
  • Shorter Tsubomi glass recommended for Jyunmai-shu pure rice sake, taller Hana glass recommended for Daiginjo high polished rice with brewing alcohol sake
  • Tsubomi Glass: 2.4" x 3.4" in, Hana Glass: 2.3" x 4.1" in
  • Hand wash only

I love that the “How to Use” instructions for this sake set are really just suggestions that gently encourage you to explore. Compare the flavor of the same sake in the different glasses, pick a glass and then ponder an accompanying meal, or choose your glass “based on your feelings/preference of the day.” How lovely is that? Made by Hirota Glass in Tokyo, led by 4th generation glassmaker Tatsuro Hirota.