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Frequently Asked Questions

Is East Fork Pottery dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes, sure is! And it fits beautifully into home dishwashers.

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely. You can find them right here.

Can I get a glaze sample before I purchase?

We don’t currently offer tile samples of our glazes. We recommend purchasing small items like the Bitty Bowl or Espresso Cup to see the glazes in person. We’re happy to accept returns on items you don’t wish to keep.

Does your pottery contain lead? I'm cautious of buying "all natural" products for my family.

Our glazes are 100% free of lead. We firing at high temperatures ensure that all of the glaze components are entirely encapsulated and will not leach into your food. We send our glazes to a lab to be tested with an acid test for food safety before being sent out to customers and we also send glazes to ensure that they are compliant with California’s Prop65.

Is your pottery durable?

The short answer is yes, our dinnerware is quite durable. A good testament to their durability is how many restaurants use our collection as their primary dinnerware. Restaurants are anything but gentle when it comes to handling their —they’re dumped into dish bins, put through commercial dishwashers. That being said, it’s pottery, and all pottery is breakable. East Fork doesn’t need to be handled differently than other pottery, but we know it’s an investment and a financial commitment to purchase and replace it, so use mindfully.

If you're feeling nervous about it, we'd recommend starting with a few smaller pieces and seeing how they fit into your daily habits.

Can I come visit the new factory?

Due to the pandemic, our factory tours are currently on-hold until we feel safe to do so!


Eek, I placed 2 orders. Can I combine them?

We are not able to combine orders for shipment.

East Fork is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please email if you need assistance filing a claim.

When should I expect my package to ship?

Unless otherwise noted, pottery and other objects ordered directly from our website are in stock and ready to ship. We try our best to get all orders out the door within 1-3 business days; however, in times of heavy order flow, this timing is subject to change.

Can you expedite shipping if I pay extra?

We unfortunately aren't able to accommodate requests for expedited shipping. The environmental cost of expedited shipping is something that we can actively choose not to participate in, which is why we only offer Ground Shipping at checkout. We hope you'll understand the choice to lessen our carbon footprint, but please let us know if you have any questions about this!

How do you package your breakable items for shipment?

Screw the bubble wrap! It is less efficient than paper and not nearly as reliable.


We wrap all of our orders with a recycled paper product called Geami and fill our boxes with completely recyclable Fillpak paper. Both products are either Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified and/or made using recycled materials. Geami paper is biodegradable and 100% recyclable through your local community’s recycling program.


Since we made the switch to packing with Geami and Fillpak products full-time, we’ve seen a sharp decline in the amount of broken items received by customers. Packing with paper is surprisingly reliable, however, if you receive a broken item with your shipment; fear not! Shoot an email to with a photograph of the breakage and your order number and we’ll get you taken care of.

My item arrived broken. What should I do?

Since we made the switch to packing with Geami and Fillpak products full time, we’ve seen a sharp decline in the amount of broken items received by customers. Packing with paper is surprisingly reliable, however, if you receive a broken item with your shipment; fear not! Shoot an email to with a photograph of the breakage and your order number and we’ll get you taken care of.

What shipping carrier(s) do you use?

We primarily ship packages with UPS.


Our fulfillment team assesses each order as it comes in and uses their expertise to find the best match in carrier for you. For example, UPS cannot deliver to PO Boxes so we would ship via USPS to ensure the package’s safe arrival. 

Your shipping charges seem high. How do you calculate shipping cost?

Believe me, we wish pottery was easier to ship! But this stuff is bulky and heavy and we want to make absolutely sure that your items arrive safely to their destination. Our shipping charges are based on a flat-rate tier system based on the price of your order, and our savings with UPS rates are passed on directly to you! However, if you are interested in a shipping quote for a purchase, email for assistance.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Our international customers are given the option to ship with either UPS or USPS, with the exception of APO addresses that must be shipped USPS. Both options are exact calculations of what it will cost East Fork to ship your pottery. More often than not, USPS is the more expensive option BUT we find that any duty fees are considerably lower with this choice of carrier. East Fork has no control over the fees that you are charged once your pottery reaches your customs agency. 

International shipments aren't often delayed much longer than a domestic shipment, but could take a bit more time to process than normal to ensure we get all of our international documentation properly completed.

I live outside the US and want to purchase some items, but the shipping rate costs more than the actual dishes! Can you lower the price?

We completely understand. Given the nature of the beast, it can be pricey to ship heavy items internationally. The rates are checkout are calculated based on shipping address and are quite reasonable when compared to other pottery manufacturers. If you would like a breakdown of your shipping costs and carrier options, please feel free to reach out to us!

I want to place an order online and pick it up in the store. Can you waive the cost of shipping?

We are not offering any local pickup or delivery options at this time.

Returns & Exchanges

Online Returns and Exchanges Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will gladly issue a refund upon the return of your item/s. Please email us at with your intention to return within 30 days of receiving your item.


Unless you are returning or exchanging an item that arrived defective or damaged, you will be responsible for shipping costs. Please note that the responsibility for getting breakable items back to us safely falls on you. We are unable to exchange items that are returned to us in anything less than like-new condition. If you're worried about your packaging skills, bring your returns to a trusted shipper to package for you. The cost of shipping is non-refundable. Returns will be issued refunds only after they are received. Once an exchange is received, we'll issue you a store credit for the the full amount of your purchase, minus the cost of shipping, to use on whatever else you'd like in the web shop. Your store credit expires after one year.