Alex Matisse Alex Matisse

Clay Buddy

Alex Matisse, CEO/Co-Founder

Sarah W says, "Truly, he'd rather be fishing."

John Vigeland John Vigeland

Clay Buddy

John Vigeland, CFO/COO/Co-Founder

Alex says, “Our path winds steeper and deeper into the unknown; John’s our moral compass, always pointing north.”

Connie Matisse Connie Matisse

Connie Matisse, CCO/CMO/Co-Founder

John says, “Connie is a role-model everyone should look to: she's brimming with real self-assurance, has the courage of her convictions to speak and do what is right, and is generous in a way that flows naturally from thoughtful compassion.”

Amanda Hollomon-Cook Amanda Hollomon-Cook

Clay Buddy

Amanda Hollomon-Cook, Production Manager

Erin says, “I can’t not gush about Amanda’s personal body of work. I love talking to Amanda about her practice and how it is constantly evolving. She approaches everything with inquisitiveness and confidence. Each sculptural piece feels like a unique living being you want to get to know better.

Kyle Crowder Kyle Crowder

Kyle Crowder, Glaze Chemist/Kiln Lead

Thomas says, "Kyle’s skill set and passion for these skills are as well rounded as an East Fork Mug."

Erin Hawley Erin Hawley

Erin Hawley, Brand Manager

McKenzie says, "Erin always has cute clogs on and is an expert color blocker with her outfits. She loves kittens, football, and is actually probably the best cook at East Fork."

Savannah Devore Savannah Devore

Savannah Devore, Director of Customer Experience

Zoe says, “Savannah can turn a thunderstorm into a pool party.”

Corey Reid Corey Reid

Corey Reid, Director of Marketing Operations

Sara M says, “Corey has a big personality and an exquisite taste in film. He knows the greatest movie of all time like the back of his hand!”

Dan Segal Dan Segal

Clay Buddy

Dan Segal, Facilities Manager

Matt says, “I’'m truly envious of the rack on his truck, his craftsmanship exudes class!"

Thomas Cook Thomas Cook

Clay Buddy

Thomas Cook, Lead Accountant

Cierra says, ”Our dear bookkeeper // He's working on spreadsheets but // Dreams of sourdough."

Joanna Kolton Joanna Kolton

Joanna Kolton, Executive Coordinator

Amanda says, "Jo comes from Chicago, I wonder if she has seen Monument with Standing Beast?"

Cierra Bateman Cierra Bateman

Cierra Bateman, Forming Lead

Max says, "Cierra really loves her pet cat, but she isn't annoying about it or anything. She's great. Cierra, not the cat. probably the cat too though."

Nicole Lissenden Nicole Lissenden

Nicole Lissenden, Graphic Designer

Connie says, "Nicole can make an arrest warrant look good on paper, and she's got great hair."

Matt Rudloff Matt Rudloff

Matt Rudloff, Mold Maker

Jessie says, "Matt is so easy to work with and he picks up new things very quickly. I also think if you asked him nicely, he would be able to give you a run- down of all three Mad Max movies from the 80s."

Olivia Shealey Olivia Shealey

Olivia Shealey, Forming Generalist

Dan says, "Olivia likes to think of her relationship with the Ram press as a girl and her dragon."

Zoe Dadian Zoe Dadian

Zoe Dadian, Director of Retail Operations

Kyle says, "Zoe is like a =iferror formula, she sees a problem and fixes it up nice."

Richard Greathouse Richard Greathouse

Richard Greathouse, Fullfillment Manager

Corey says, "Richard is as good at shipping as Anthony Davis is at playing basketball."

McKenzie Toma McKenzie Toma

McKenzie Toma, Creative-Marketing Team

Anne says, "In one poem McKenzie wrote, she describes a nice day saying 'it seems like everyone would give each other a bite of their sandwich.' McKenzie offers a bite in a world of too-small sandwiches."

Max Adams Max Adams

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Max Adams, Glaze Lead

Connie says, "Max is like a nesting doll that looks like Max on the outside (big doll) and then inside contains animals that look familiar but you can’t really place, then you get to the innermost doll and it’s Max again, holding two mirrors so that there are an infinite number of Maxes. You realize the joke’s on you."

Jesse Reinerth Jesse Reinerth

Clay Buddy

Jesse Reinerth, Mold Shop Manager

Corey says, "Queen of the Ram Press // The Master of the plaster // But a better friend."

Sara Melosh Sara Melosh

Sara Melosh, Glazing Generalist

Jeff Linton says, "Now there’s a person who knows a Coleoptera from an Ensifera!"

Jerome Williams Jerome Williams

Jerome Williams, Glazing Generalist

Rhonda says, "Jerome is a great team player, hard worker, and also good with multi-tasking. We have an awesome glaze team and I couldn't ask for a better one."

Sarah Walters Sarah Walters

Clay Buddy

Sarah Walters, Lead Sales Associate

McKenzie says, "Aside from being a very talented seamstress, Sarah is beloved among so many of our customers (and staff too) for her helpful and sweet nature."

Jeff Linton Jeff Linton

Jeff Linton, Forming Lead

Julia says, "Second only to the Goldblum variety, Jeff could probably win a game of Jeopardy if the categories were improv comedy, Brazilian jiujitsu and parenting."

Whitney Ott Whitney Ott

Whitney Ott, Photographer

Annie says, "Whitney has an incredible talent for making light appear to be a tangible element to work with. And she can make a potato chip look like a gorgeous piece of art!"

Kirby Wolf Kirby Wolf

Kirby Wolf, Asheville Store Manager

Marissa says, "Kirby is incredibly warm and vivacious, and anyone who is around her feels her kind heart radiating from the inside out. She also has a killer fashion sense and a fabulous eye."

Randolph Dexter Randolph Dexter

Randolph Dexter, Fulfillment Team Member

Kirby says, "I don't think I've met anyone as dedicated and passionate as Randolph, I mean he has seen Phish live 49 times."

Vita Matisse Vita Matisse

Vita Matisse, Team Toddler

Lucia says, "Mama, Dada, Va-ta-ta-ta."

Lucia Matisse Lucia Matisse

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Lucia Matisse, Team Baby

Vita says, "She looks like a strawberry and she's sweet like a strawberry, but also sometimes a little too stinky."

Rhonda Foster-Frederick Rhonda Foster-Frederick

Rhonda Foster-Frederick, Glaze Generalist

Luc says, "Rhonda appears to be equally confident standing out from a crowd and going with the flow. A fun loving lady and caring mama, Rhonda is an exemplary portrait of a quality human being."

Julia True Julia True

Julia True, Jigger Operations

Cierra says, "Julia brings so much brightness and color to the jigger team. She is knowledgeable in all things nerdy, and is solidly on Team Face Cat (because can you imagine what kind of mayhem a dog with hands could cause?!)"

Emily Coady Emily Coady

Emily Coady, Marketing Associate

Whitney says, "Emily is the happiest and most positive ray of sunshine. She's game for helping out with any photo shoot and has the potential to be America's Next Top Hand Model."

Annie Bourgeois Annie Bourgeois

Annie Bourgeois, Asheville Sales Associate

Emily says, "Annie has a great last name, a very great sense of style, and a big heart. She's lived all over the country but it seems like she's found her groove here in Asheville. She's already actively involved in the community as a volunteer at the Literary Council! How cool is that?"

Marissa Schneider Marissa Schneider

Marissa Schneider, Customer Care

Luna says, "Marissa is such a sweet and welcoming person, she has the kind of smile that makes you feel like you could share secrets with her without even knowing her."

Cassandra Frederick Cassandra Frederick

Cassandra Frederick, Jigger Operations

Erin S says, "Cassandra is a true gem. Multifaceted in every way, her kindness, humor and compassion reflect the underlying symmetry of her person!"

Mike Ball Mike Ball

Mike Ball, Fulfillment Assistant

Randolph says, "The world would be a better place if we all strived a little bit more to be like Mike. Max, the dog, approves of this message."

Trey Williams Trey Williams

Trey Williams, Jigger Operations

Daniel says, "Trey has really put focused attention into our small Ram Press. I think it's a lucky machine and is in great hands."

Erin Silva Erin Silva

Erin Silva, Director of Culture

Diana says, "Erin is optimism in the face of adversity personified! She makes seemingly mundane meetings feel like arts & crafts at summer camp."

Luc Gay Luc Gay

Luc Gay, Glaze Generalist

Mike says, "I knew Luc was a pottery cowboy the first time I met him. He keeps his head down, the glaze beautiful, and lunch conversation lively."

Daniel Vuono Daniel Vuono

Daniel Vuono, Director of Production

Erin says, "Daniel has a doppelgänger and it's Tom Cruise."

Eva Humphrey Eva Humphrey

Eva Humphrey, Inventory Forecaster Analyst

Zoe says, ""There's nothing Eva cant do. She'll run a 50 mile marathon for fun on Sunday and then come in Monday to create a spreadsheet with so much beauty and structure it resembles the Taj Mahal."

Diana VanRooy Diana VanRooy

Diana VanRooy, E-Commerce Director

Connie says, "Diana speaks mostly in acronyms and JavaScript, but with such joy and conviction, you'd think you're at a symphony."

Talea Gormican Talea Gormican

Talea Gormican, Glazing Generalist

Calla Coady Calla Coady

Calla Coady, Forming Generalist