Carolina Ground All-Purpose Flour


  • Grown and ground here in North Carolina, this high extract all-purpose flour is a distinctive swap for any recipe that calls for white flour.
  • Made from Appalachian wheat grown in Bunn and soft red winter wheat grown in Wake Forest
  • Stone ground and cold milled, unbleached and unbromated, like all Carolina Ground flours
  • Certified Organic
  • 2 lb bag

This versatile flour will find a home in your pantry and a place in your favorite breads, cookies, cakes, pie crusts, waffles and crackers.

Asheville’s Carolina Ground is a mill that offers a range of locally-grown and ground flours and select whole grains, but it’s also a network of farmers, bakers and millers who are invested in sustainable food systems. Founded by Jennifer Lapidus, whose Natural Bridge Bakery, with its wood-fired brick oven and flour milled in-house, was the first of its kind in Western North Carolina when it opened in 1994.