Soup Bowl



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  • AKA Cereal Bowl (same product, new name)
  • Use for: a big serving of butternut squash soup, Lucky Charms, bibimbap
  • 7" x 3", 1 lb. 2 oz
  • Holds 3 and 1/4 cups to the brim.
  • Our pottery is made by humans! Differences in glaze applications and surfaces can be embraced.

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If you're looking for the Cereal Bowl, don't freak out; this is the same bowl, just with a new name. We started calling it the Soup Bowl after heated debates at the office about cereal eating style. If you don't mess around with another helping of cereal and want it delivered straight up in one shot, this is the cereal bowl for you. I like to eat several tiny little bowls of cereal, replenishing the milk each time, so I tend to size down. We’re all different.

Regardless of your breakfast preferences, this is the bowl to grab for a jumble of reheated leftovers, upgrading a packet of ramen with boiled eggs and kimchi, mixing up 2 person-sized batches of pancakes, and scrambling eggs, too.  

Looking for a super special wedding or housewarming gift? Consider a set of nesting Potter's Bowls in all 5 sizes (Bitty Bowl, Ice Cream Bowl, Soup Bowl, Popcorn Bowl, and Mixing Bowl).

Please note: All of our pottery is made by humans in Asheville, North Carolina, with dynamic, regional, lead-free stoneware clays.  Slight variations should be expected and embraced!  Our work is dishwasher and microwave safe and made for daily use.