A collection of five Bitty Bowls in Morel color by East Fork Pottery holding various small bites such as nuts, Mandarin slices, dried mushrooms and sea salt

Bitty Bowl

The smallest of the bunch, but the one we keep finding new uses for.  Run a line of them holding votive candles across your mantle, set the table with personal-sized sauce bowls, keep sea salt close at hand (don’t mess with salt spoons - salt is antiseptic; pinch away!). An elegant solution for a drippy tea bag, for storing bobby pins by the bedside, for rings by the sink, and more, and more, and more... 

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • RAM pressed
  • Made by East Fork from regional materials in Asheville, North Carolina
  • Glazed by hand. Slight variation in glaze application can be expected and embraced.
  • 3" W x 1.4" H
  • Holds 1/4 cup or 2 oz.


Glaze: Soapstone

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"Honestly, need one million more bitty bowls for one million things." - @webbywheeler

Cherry pits, votives, DIY face scrub, sesame seeds, glitter, bobby pins, used tea bags, dulse flakes, cone incense, a shot of wheatgrass, ponzu, rings, misc. bolts and screws, jam, one egg yolk, baby teeth, sake, what else?

What goes in this tiny bowl?

The Bitty Bowl by East Fork Pottery pictured in a dark molasses color holding white peppercorns

Your Spices

Sea salt on the table (try this one), individual bowls of soy sauce, a pinch of Masala spices at close reach from the stovetop. In my kitchen you'll find Bitty Bowls on every cooking surface and on my dining room table, gently cradling spices, herbs, and sauces of all kinds. I've been using a lot of turmeric from Diaspora Co lately, refilling this little bowl once a week or so, so the spices don't get stale.

A Bitty Bowl by East Fork Pottery in Utah glaze full of colored stones and crystals

Your Crystals

"I need my altar to not only serve as a space for practical magic, but for beauty as well. Bitty Bowls are placed all over, holding tiny talismans like cone incense, dried flowers, or crystals and healing stones. Rose quartz brings me back to an open-hearted space after a long day, and plucking it out of a Bitty Bowl is a ritual within itself." - Marissa

A Bitty Bowl by East Fork Pottery in Morel glaze with a half-burned purple votive candle place in the center

Votive Candles

Every night at dinner time our four-year-old makes us turn off all the lights and deck the house out in candles.  Honestly, the first several times she demanded this level of ambience I got rather annoyed and stated my case against eating in darkness.  But I let her win this one. We keep votive candles in Bitty Bowls all over the house. Eating by candlelight is the easiest way to make take out feel like a very special event. 

A Bitty Bowl by East Fork Pottery holding a gently worn retainer

Your Retainer

I'm sure there's a reason why your orthodontist gives you a case for your retainer that closes, but as a 15 year old, mine always got so nasty and gunky, to the point where it grossed me out to open it and I never really thought to clean it. Too much information? Probably. In any case, the Bitty Bowl is a great size for keeping on your bedside table. Close your book, pop out that retainer, and hit the lights.