Everything But The Beans


  • Your morning ritual, perfected.
  • Included here: The Mug in Harvest Moon, a hand-hammered Brass Coffee Scoop from Lue Brass and a Finum brewing basket with a micro-fine stainless steel permanent filter.
  • Mug made at the East Fork factory in Asheville, North Carolina. Coffee scoop made in Japan. Brewing basket made in Germany.

The brewing basket fits perfectly in The Mug, presented here in our glorious seasonal glaze, Harvest Moon. The two work together like your own personal French press: put the basket in the Mug, add approximately three scoops of coarsely-ground coffee beans, adjusting slightly for taste. Then fill with water heated to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (careful!). Close the lid and wait five minutes, then remove the basket and discard the grounds. That’s a fine cup of coffee you’ve got there!