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  • A mysterious, woody, deeply rooted blend of Cypress, Cedar Leaf, Palo Santo, and Tobacco Flower
  • Scent dreamed up by Alex and Connie at East Fork and developed and poured by Joya Studios in Brooklyn, NY
  • Reusable stoneware vessel made with regional clay by East Fork
  • Soy Blend and 100% Cotton Wick
  • Large has a 65-Hour Burn Time, Small has a 25-Hour Burn Time


Odd Woods Candle in Size Large

"I wanted a scent that reminded me of the original workshop. I wanted the rough sawn lumber, the smell of the wet clay floor, a whiff of woodsmoke from the wood stove.  It's the smell I first fell in love with years ago when I walked into the workshop of Matt Jones, who I eventually apprenticed with for four years. The final scent of the candle is far more layered and brings in lot's of other lighter top notes, but the heart is rooted in those early, nostalgic, and formative years."