Our Favorite Glaze Combinations

Sep 01, 2020 • Lindsey Zinno


Active, released Fall 2020

Amaro with other glazes

Big Sky

Retired, Spring & Summer 2019

Big Sky  with other glazes

Blue Ridge


Blue Ridge with other glazes
Blue Ridge with other glazes


Retired, Spring & Summer 2019

Celery  with other glazes


Retired, Summer 2020

Lapis  with other glazes



Eggshell with other glazes
Eggshell with other glazes

Harvest Moon

Retired, Fall 2017

Harvest Moon with other glazes


Retired, Summer 2018 and Spring 2020

Malibu with other glazes


Retired, Fall & Winter 2018

Molasses  with other glazes



Morel  with other glazes

Night Swim

Retired, Fall & Winter 2019-2020

Night Swim with other glazes

Panna Cotta

Active, released Fall 2020

Panna Cotta with other glazes


Retired, Winter 2018

Poinsettia with other glazes


Retired, Summer 2019

Pollen  with other glazes


Retired, Winter 2020

Prune with other glazes


Retired in Summer 2020

Soapstone  with other glazes


Retired, Spring 2018

Taro with other glazes

Tequila Sunrise

Retired, Summer 2020

Tequila Sunrise with other glazes


Retired, Spring 2018

Utah with other glazes

What's your favorite combination?

Comments (46)

  • Donna

    I love clay. I love pots. I love your company! You’re such an inspiration & leader & more companies should follow suit. Such integrity & beauty! I’m in the process of collecting your work slowly however it comes- seconds, firsts, retired colors magically uncovered, new colors that my kids may love…whatever comes to us! Thank you!
    Hearts to the East Fork Team!

  • Judy Hunt

    I love pottery —and the art of Henri Mattise! Have not met Alex and Connie yet. But I live close by in Saluda, NC and have been looking forward to coming to your shop now that you moved into Asheville. Is the shop open at all during these strange times? Or is it all on line for now? I especially like the combination of Lapis, Eggshell and Pollen (or maybe Celery). I cannot tell the difference between Celery and Pollen on line. Does one have more yellow? Thanks for your great website and messages. Judy

  • Carolyn Williams

    Please…..please…..please let us have MOLASSES and HARVEST MOON!!! I am pretty sure Neil Young would buy Harvest Moon if you did!! I would buy both if you did!!

  • Shannon Sinclair

    I discovered East Fork in Nov of 2019 (I know, late to the game). I bought so many beautiful pieces. POLLEN is my favorite color and my partner loves NIGHTSWIM. However, our house burned down in the CA wildfires on August 20th. All of our beautiful pottery is gone. When we went back last weekend to sift through the ashes, I found a mixing bowl that had survived. When I picked it up, it broke. Along with my heart. Someday when we have a place to live, we will buy pottery again, but I’m sad I will never eat a salad from our garden in an East Fork glazed bowl in pollen.

  • Hillary Harrison

    Utah! I first found y’all when utah was “out of stock but coming back” and then weeks later you announced it ain’t so. I understand why, and y’all gotta do what’s best for y’all BUT it’s the dream, ain’t it?

    Also love thistle, harvest moon, wine dark sea, and molasses!

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