Our Favorite Glaze Combinations

May 21, 2020 • Lindsey Zinno

Our Favorite Glaze Combinations

Our Favorite Glaze Combinations

We put together an assortment of our favorite glaze combos—from classic to downright funky.

Amaro: Coming Soon!

Amaro with other glazes

Big Sky:
SS19 Seasonal

Big Sky  with other glazes

Blue Ridge:

Blue Ridge with other glazes
Blue Ridge with other glazes

SS19 Seasonal

Celery  with other glazes

SS20 Seasonal

Lapis  with other glazes


Eggshell with other glazes
Eggshell with other glazes

Harvest Moon:

Harvest Moon with other glazes

SS20 Seasonal

Malibu with other glazes

FW18 Seasonal

Molasses  with other glazes


Morel  with other glazes

Night Swim:
FW19 Seasonal

Night Swim with other glazes

Panna Cotta:
Coming Soon!

Panna Cotta with other glazes

FW18 Seasonal

Poinsettia with other glazes

SS19 Seasonal

Pollen  with other glazes

Winter 2020 Seasonal

Prune with other glazes


Soapstone  with other glazes

Taro: SS18 Seasonal

Taro with other glazes

Tequila Sunrise:

Tequila Sunrise with other glazes

Utah: Retired

Utah with other glazes

What's your favorite?
Comment below!

Comments (25)

  • Melissa Murphy

    Do seasonals come back or are they only available for that one season listed?

  • Maryanne

    I love Night Swim, Molasses, and Poinsettia any way they are used. Would love to see Poinsettia, Amaro, and Tequila Sunrise together.
    Serious eye candy here!!! I just started my collection w/ Lapis, which I am pretty excited about. Thanks for these!

  • Virginia

    Wow, night swim looks good with everything! <3 especially that Night Swim, Utah, Eggshell combo

  • Miranda

    Taro goes great with literally everything!!! #1 color on my wish list to come back someday.

  • Roxi

    I like the Taro, Malibu and Eggshell combination. I love Taro. Please bring Taro back!!

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