Clay Buddies: Corey's Five Things

Oct 16, 2018 • Alex Matisse

Clay Buddies: Corey's Five Things

Clay Buddies: Corey's Five Things

"I will just say it was harder than I imagined to be a new Dad. I had all these expectations of what it would be like and some of those expectations were realized and some were completely wrong."

Meet Corey. When I was compiling this post, Corey was a new-dad-to-be and Director of Manufacturing Operations. Now he is a real life dad and the Director of Marketing! Things sure move quickly around here. This guy is truly in the know. Does this require a spreadsheet? What do we need to get ready for our weekly newsletter? Who's doing what? Are you taking notes? Did you see glossier's gorg new product campaign? If you have any configuration of any of these questions, Corey is your guy. He is also married to our Director of Customer Experience, Savannah. Power couple! Corey can quote most any movie and will slip one in whenever he gets the chance. I sat down with him to ask him about his five favorite objects and talk about being a new dad.

What do you do at East Fork?

My new title is Director of Marketing Operations. My role on the team is to help keep this crazy fast moving train on the tracks and moving in the right direction. I build lots of spreadsheets and focus on making sure our current projects are on scope and on schedule while constantly thinking towards the future. EF's marketing is very special in the fact that everything we do starts with our values. I see my job as helping get our name out into the world while continually pointing back to our values.

Cool! What are you five favorite objects?

My two books, handkerchief, watch, Metrocards, and this little shirt.

Tell me more about your five objects.

My two books:

I am a pretty big political junkie, constantly listening to a podcast on politics or reading some book about a president. These books are by two of President Obama's closest advisors. They talk a lot about the campaign in 08'. I recently read them again. Gosh, it was nice to have such a thoughtful and logical person leading the country.


This handkerchief was my grandfathers. He passed away a couple years ago and I miss him almost every day. I would talk to him on the phone for hours talking politics, sports, or anything else until he fell asleep at 7:30. One of the things I learned from him is that as a man it is ok to be sensitive. Growing up especially in The South the picture of a man is a stoic man who can't communicate and tries his hardest to not feel a damn thing. My Grandpa showed me it's alright to cry, have feelings, and show people love and affection.


This watch was given to me as a gift by Savannah on our wedding day. It was her Great Grandfathers. You have to wind it every day, which has become a fun part of my morning routine.


These were the MetroCards that Savannah and I used in NYC. I moved to NYC the day after I finished college. I moved up there wanting to be a designer and found my self-working as a forecaster for a large retail company. This is where I fell in love with spreadsheets. I grew in so many ways while living in NYC. NYC is also where Savannah and I met. I was interviewing for jobs before I graduated college and a mutual friend introduced me to Savannah. I was instantly smitten. We talked on the phone every day till I finished college. When I moved to NYC I moved right in with Savannah even though we had only been in the same room twice before that. It worked out pretty well.

The Little Shirt:

I am going to be a dad!! We are having a little baby boy towards the end of July and I am so freaking excited. I have known I wanted to be a dad for such a long time. It's exciting and scary to have the responsibility to raise a boy. Especially now, helping raise a boy who is thoughtful, compassionate, and gentle seems like one of the best things I can do in life.

Excuse my grammar. I didn't do well in that part of English.


Has Barrett joined the East Fork team yet?

Barrett has joined the EF team for sure. He is usually on every conference call, taking it all in. I'm sure he will be running digital ads in a few months.

Ha! Can't wait to hear some of his pitches. I'm sure he'll be a useful member in representing his age demographic. Is he sleeping through the night?

He is not sleeping straight through the night yet but is doing a great job at building his own sleep schedule. At first, I really struggled with waking up in the nights with him, but my body has finally gotten used to it and now I truly love my time with him at 2 am.

I will just say it was harder than I imagined to be a new Dad. I had all these expectations of what it would be like and some of those expectations were realized and some were completely wrong. I struggled a lot the first month or so with the new reality that my time wasn't my own anymore. I struggled with finding my identity in my new family and what my place was. As a new Dad, you realize that so much of your role is to be a constant support to your partner and to your baby. I have slowly started to find my place and learn how to do this whole thing.

Aw, how lovely. Does he have a toddler cup yet?

This baby had 3 toddler cups before he was even born, but they are all being used daily for espresso to power us through the day.

Congrats, Savannah and Corey! We love you guys!

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