Shop Updates

• Taro, the beloved pale lilac seasonal glaze that we first released three years ago, has returned for spring!

• We are nearing the end of the road with our winter seasonal glaze Pinto. While we still have varying quantities of Pinto pottery forms in stock, they will not be restocked when sold out. 

Pottery sets are back for good! We have everything from nesting bowls and starter dinner sets to a big, whopping 7-piece set we're calling the You're All Set Set—which pretty much explains itself.  

• For the months of April and May, we're cooking from books that focus on plants. These vegetarian or vegan cookbooks are part of a collection called Spring, Sprang, Sprung! Our related East Fork Cook-Along is an invitation to choose from the five recipes we've named as contenders (one from each of the five books), cook it, photograph it and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #EastForkCookAlong. On June 1st, we'll choose one entry as our favorite and the winner will receive a Small Batch Studio Fermentation Crock (which we don't even sell!), a Colorful French Peeler, Olive Oil from Anlentenjo, Sherry Vinegar and Carolina Flake Salt.

• Spread Wealth, Shop Seconds! For the months of April, May and June, we are asking you to direct funds to YMI Cultural Center, an Asheville nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote cultural preservation and elevate Black excellence through community engagement, advocacy, leadership development and economic justice. A donation in any amount to YMI Cultural Center will grant you access to our Seconds page, where we sell practically perfect pots at 20% off the retail price, in stock and ready to ship. 

• We cannot combine existing orders. If you'd like to add an item to an existing order, send an email to and we'll get things sorted.

• Our Asheville store is open for by-appointment shopping every day. We stock Seconds, an array of pantry, kitchen, tabletop and dining items and some special things you won't find online. Schedule your visit here.

    • Our Atlanta store is open by appointment Wednesday through Sunday and is fully stocked with pots!
      • We were so encouraged by the wave of awareness, analysis, action, and accountability around racial injustice that swept the country last summer, and we implore our community and customers to keep it up! Keep on doing the personal work, keep having necessary conversations with friends and family, keep calling and writing our elected officials, keep learning, keep loving, and keep co-conspiring to find and initiate better, happier, healthier, solutions to replace the white supremacist, hetero/cis-normative, patriarchal, imperialist shit show we've all been living in for way too long. Time for something new! You can read a little about how equity work manifests at East Fork here.