Test Pots & How We Mark Them

Jun 24, 2020 • Lindsey Zinno

In the factory, we’re constantly testing new glazes, clays, and techniques. Anytime a test occurs, we stamp the base. Different types of stamping can mean different things, and if you’re one of the lucky ones to actually have a stamp on the bottom of your pot, it means you have a test that was so successful that we sold it!

How We Mark Tests:

If the cutlery stamped on the pot is imprinted in the clay body, it signifies a forming or clay test.


If the cutlery stamped on the pot is colored in contrasting pigment, it’s used for a glaze test.


Do you own any test pots?

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  • Channon

    I don’t own any test pots but the cutlery stamp couldn’t be any cuter

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