Still Life


"Still-life painting also spoke more universally about the bounty of God’s creation and the nature of art and life. “Simple” paintings of flowers and food could have complex appeal and various meanings for viewers. "

"Painted images prolonged the experience of nature. Finely painted flowers brought tremendous pleasure during a cold Dutch winter. "

"It's scale helps create the illusion of reality—objects are life-size. The projection of the two platters and the dangling lemon peel bring the scene into the viewer’s own space."

"Flavored with currants and expensive spices, mince pie was a treat reserved for special occasions. Other foods on this sumptuously set table are also exceptional—imported lemons and olives, oysters to be enjoyed with vinegar from a Venetian glass cruet, seasonings of salt mounded in a silver cellar, and pepper sprinkled from a rolled paper cone." 

Credit: National Gallery of Art

Still Life