Breakfast Bowl


Glaze: Eggshell

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Our Everyday Bowl but mini. It's perfect for yogurt and granola in the morning, olives or dips on a party tray, an appetizer serving of a chilled summer soup, or a way to make eating a snack bag of Cheetos really elegant. We call the Breakfast Bowl, but we find uses for it all day long. As a mama of two, it's also the bowl I recommend for little eaters. The wider, footed base makes it less tippy than the Ice Cream Bowl.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from regional materials in Asheville, North Carolina 
  • 5.4" W x  1.8" H, 11 oz.
  • Holds 1 1/4 cups or 10 oz.

Made on The Jigger

A GIF of an Jigger at work

Our Breakfast Bowl is made on the Jolly Jigger Machine. The Jigger team places clay into a plaster mold shaped to the exterior of the pot. That mold is placed into a bucket affixed to a spinning wheel. The Jigger Operator pulls down a metal arm with a knife in the shape of the pot's interior profile.


You can imagine the mold and the knife functioning a potter's hands on the outside and inside of a vessel. The knife and mold close together forming the pot with the desired thickness. Once complete, the plaster begins to help absorb the water out of the clay until the form can be removed from the mold, trimmed and finished. The mold then goes back into the making cycle.