The Serving Platter


Color: Black Mountain

  • At last, a vessel suited for a festive roast, a heaping pile of pasta for 8, or a snack tray for a crowd
  • Available in Eggshell, Morel, Panna Cotta, Amaro, and—just this once—in Harvest Moon & Soapstone, too
  • Arrives before Thanksgiving
  • This is a test run—we'll run out of these pretty quick, but the form will be back in 2022 for good


  • 14.5” circumference
  • Weight: 4 lbs, 4 oz

Size Chart

When East Fork was still an all-wheel-thrown pottery studio, we made platters similar to this one. But when we got up and running at the factory, we first turned our focus to smaller forms like plates, bowls and of course The Mug. But we love having platters around for serving and also, for looking cool on tables and counters. But as you may have seen us kvetch elsewhere, introducing a new form that’s made on our machines is a complicated affair.