Caring for My Pottery

Can I put my pottery in the dishwasher?

Yes! Treat it like you’d treat any other tableware, but perhaps with a little more love. 

How about the microwave?

Yep.  That too.

I use my plates every day and I’m noticing some scratches on their surface. What should I do?

Because the glaze material is denser than some cutlery, cutlery marks might develop with frequent use - what you're seeing is likely the metal from your cutlery leaving traces on your pottery, rather than scratches in the glaze itself.  These marks can be removed with a scouring powder such as Bar Keeper’s friend, a little warm water, and a soft cloth.

Will the dishes stack in my cupboard?

Yes! Our plates and bowls are designed to stack neatly, and fit beautifully in dishwashers, too. 

Is our pottery food safe? Is it lead-free?

Yes, we do extensive testing to make sure our clays and glazes are safe for all your loved ones to eat from - babies and puppies included. 100% lead-free, forever and always.

If I break a plate or cup from a set, and purchase one to replace it, will it match the others?

Please keep in mind that these items are made by hand and that our glazes are mixed in house - it’s what gives the work its special character.  There might be a slight difference in color from firing to firing. Some of our glazes have a slightly wider rate of variability than others. That said, we work very hard to make things consistent and your replacement will be as similar to the original as possible. 

Do you make custom orders?

While we miss being able to make custom pieces for our community, we don’t have the capacity to do so at this time. Thank you for thinking of us and get in touch if you'd like a recommendation for area potteries!

About the Work

Why can’t I purchase my dinnerware in Mars?

Our unglazed Mars surface isn’t available in dinnerware because without the glaze it’s just not sturdy enough to be used for pots that are more wide than they are tall or that don’t have a nice squat base. We’ve found that food can get stuck in the unglazed surface and, over time, can get a little funky.

We offer Mars on our East Fork Mugs, Tumblers, Toddler Cups, and vases - all items that get glazed on the interior with Soapstone. We also offer our Incense Burner exclusively in Mars.


What are the dark brown spots on my pottery?

Our clay body has a high iron content - when fired in reduction, the iron can burn out to the surface resulting in concentrated freckles of iron. We tend to see that this is much more prominent in our lighter glazes.

Visiting the Factory

Can we visit the Factory?

We've currently got our heads down and wheels turning fast and are unable to give tours at the Factory.  We look forward to hosting Factory tours in the very near future!

Can we just drop on by?

As our potters are busy potting, we are unable to accommodate unscheduled visits to the Factory.  

What stores carry your work?

Currently, we sell our work exclusively here on our website and at our stores in Asheville and Atlanta. In other words, we're a direct to consumer company and don't currently offer our work at wholesale. We hope to open a few other cities in the future - we'll let you know if we do! 

About the Makers

Who made my pottery?

The pottery is made by our incredible team of 20 and growing, led by our Director of Production, Daniel Vuono.  

Where did Alex & John learn to make pottery?

Alex apprenticed with Matt Jones and Mark Hewitt.  John apprenticed with Daniel Johnston who also apprenticed with Mark Hewitt. 

Is Alex Matisse related to THE Matisse?

Yes, Henri Matisse is Alex's great-grandfather.  His step grandfather is Marcel Duchamp.  Those artist types get around. 

Can I apprentice at East Fork?

We do not currently offer traditional apprenticeships but if you are interested in employment, you can check out our careers page! 

Does Connie make pottery?

Nope. Just thinking about clay drying on my hands sends shivers up and down my spine.