Mitsuboshi Soy Sauce


  • Soy sauce unlike any soy sauce you’ve ever tasted
  • Horikawaya Nomura is a 300-year-old sauce company in its 18th generation of family leadership
  • Made in Japan in Gobo City, Wakayama prefecture
  • With a hint of smoke from being made over a wood fire
  • Ingredients: water, soybean, wheat, salt
  • 200 ml

A good soy sauce, vinegar, quality rice, konbu, bonito flakes, and sesame paste provide the foundation for Japanese cooking. With these ingredients always in your pantry, a little fish, fresh shiitake, broccoli, sweet potato, chard, tofu or eggs becomes an elevated, wholesome, truly special meal. 

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Shishito peppers with sesame, soy, and orange.

Shishito Peppers with Orange & Soy

Shishito peppers are a cinch to throw together, and eating them is like playing a game of less-lethal Russian Roulette— about one in every ten is fiery-hot. This particular recipe is a great accompaniment to a very cold Japanese lager. 


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